Skills List

Administrative Marketing Negotiating Networking Maintaining standards Student-centered learning Lesson Planning Child development

Work place

Result School


BA in Business And Financial Management at MDIS in Tashkent


Years: 5-10


Well-qualified Training Specialist adept at planning and implementing onsite and remote training
programs. Authoritative and clear communicator with a charismatic style and insightful approach.
Pursuing new professional opportunities with room for advancement. Scholarly English Teacher offering 10
years of expertise in developing and implementing coursework focusing on literature and composition.
Focused on driving student engagement and comprehension through thought-provoking discussions and
literature analysis. Professional IELTS English Teacher focused on maximizing student educational potential
by applying diverse instructional strategies and classroom management techniques. Skilled in delivering
lectures, facilitating discussions and planning hands-on activities to enhance learning. Expert in different
teaching approaches. Well-read English Teacher known for adapting classrooms to modern needs and
incorporating technology into lessons. Dedicated to optimizing student experiences and understanding
through enthusiastic and innovative methods.